Sync button free since `82 😀

I first discovered electronic music when I bought a Westbam CD. Not so much later, at the age of 15, I got my first turntables and a mixer. Back then I was keen on collecting Swedish Progressive Techno like Drumcode, German Techno like Kanzleramt and Tresor, and stuff from detroit. My first contact with a night club was at the Douala in Ravensburg (Germany). Still one of South Germany most avantgarde night clubs. Years later I played a few gigs at its cozy 2nd floor. In Karlsruhe, where I am living right now, I had a residency at the Cafè Dom till it closed (now its a restaurant). Its also where I got to know Jens and Marlon, with whom I am having a DJ team aka Analog Klub (SoundCloud/MixCloud). Since the Cafè Dom closed, we have a residency at the Erdbeermund (Karlsruhe). Beside that, we played at the EMF (Kartbahn Liedolsheim), an event from the Musikverein 4|4 Takt, which I am a member of. Further, we were at an event from Infrakultur (Heidelberg) and at the Altstadtfest Durlach, the Magazin somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria and at an exhibition at Kunstraum Tritago (Karlsuhe). From time to time I am guest of the radio show Studio 23 at the Radio Querfunk (Kalrsuhe) – either alone, with the host S/O/M, or with the guys from Analog Klub. Last but not least, I have played at the former Pendel bar and the uBu bar (Karlsruhe).


Beside collecting records, I also was quickly interested in the creation of synthetic sounds and the aesthetic of raw Techno, groovy House beats, minimalization (e.g. Nitzer Ebb, Kraftwerk or Yello) and the possibility to create unheard sound schemes. My first hardware was a 2nd hand Akai MPC2000. But I never really got along with a pure sample based production style (that`s why I treated it against two Technics 1210 :). The first time I created a complete track on my own, was with Propellerheads Reason, which I kept using for a while. Later I started to use Cubase in connection with Reason via ReWire. Cubase is still my weapon of choice. Nowadays my studio consists of these pretty guys:

  • Moog Voyager
  • Jomox XBase 999
  • Grp A4
  • Access Virus TI
  • Kork Kaos Pad
  • Universal Audio M610
  • NI Kontrol S49
  • Avid Transport & Mix
  • Beyerdynamic M 88 TG
  • Klein & Hummel O300
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro40
  • RME ADI-8
  • A powerful PC with Cubase, NI Komplete, …
An Audio Nerd`s Paradise 🙂